Curious Palate Tasting Classes

The Curious Palate is a tasting class series that is designed to explore the world of wine, beer and spirits and learn your palate in an intimate and friendly atmosphere.  The Curious Palate is for the taster who wants to take their personal wine, beer and spirits experience to a new level by building knowledge...while having fun!  What is the difference between drinking and tasting...and does it matter? How does what’s in your glass pair with food?  How can you elevate any event with a little more flavor?  While we take our studies and classes seriously, we strive to make each tasting class delightful and dynamic!

These classes are designed as a 90 minute experience.  Wine classes will be held in several locations around town.  Cost is $25 per person and includes friendly and professional instruction, tasting of 5 wines, paired food bites, and a takeaway note sheet.


Curious Palate Frequently Asked Questions

Why weekdays instead of a weekend?

The classes are designed with exploration, rather than intoxication, in mind.  They are more in-depth with the regions and profiles we are “studying” and are best suited to an event still focused on education...and cultural exploration.    

How do you select your wines/beers/spirits that are in the class?

We are not focused on retail sales - it’s about exploring the actual variety or process.  Gentle and engaging education is our focus so we work with a variety of distributors to select the items we are serving.  It involves a fair amount of tasting, touring and tech sheet reading to bring it all together.  That being said, we don’t want to offer an item that is ridiculously hard to find, so if there is a selection you love, we can tell you where you are able to find it locally.

Some of the spirits tasting classes or wine regions have been covered in past Curious Palate events.  Do you repeat the classes or wines?

The diversity of spirits, wines and brews is sensational and the selection is wide.  So, while a spirit or region or grape varietal may be repeated, the items pulled for tasting are always different and the information fresh.

Who is teaching the classes?

Michaela Hightower, the owner of Soirée and creator of the Curious Palate concept.

"While the Curious Palate classes are fun and light-hearted, I take my studies in wine, beer and spirits seriously while working my way through professional wine and spirits programs.  All elements of the bar services at Soirée were created with intention to celebrate the spirit of exploration with wine varieties outside of the ordinary and small batch beer and spirits.  I love to share my knowledge and to spark curiosity in others.  My favorite moment is the “ah-ha” moment of bliss on someone’s face when they’ve found a taste they love and a pairing that completes the experience.”

How many people are in the classes?

There are up to 24 guests per class.  Space is limited because we strive to create a warm and intimate and educational experience.  Reservations are required because we work with caterers to pair the foods appropriately; we do not have an on-site kitchen.