Wine Classes!

We LOVE teaching all about wine and beer and spirits here! We pride ourselves on offering classes from the merely curious, to the passionate, to the professional.


The Curious Palate is a tasting class series that is designed to explore the world of wine, beer and spirits and learn your palate in an intimate and friendly atmosphere.  The Curious Palate is for the taster who wants to take their personal wine, beer and spirits experience to a new level by building knowledge...while having fun!  What is the difference between drinking and tasting...and does it matter? How does what's in your glass pair with food?  How can you elevate any event with a little more flavor?  While we take our studies and classes seriously, we strive to make each tasting class delightful and dynamic!  The Curious Palate wine and spirits tasting classes will focus on grape varieties and is taught by Michaela Hightower.  

We will be offering Curious Palate classes through out the city.  Stay tuned for upcoming locations!